Analysis: Three Companies in BiH with Revenues over 1 Billion BAM

Holdina, Bingo and Elektroprivreda BiH reached revenues of more than one billion convertible marks in 2018, data from the LRC credit rating agency confirmed.

By analyzing the business report of companies in Federation BiH for 2018 available to LRC, the country’s largest credit rating agency, there have been interesting results that show that the year behind us was extremely successful for the BiH economy.

Great moves are made in many areas, and for the first time we have three companies with one billion BAM revenues on the list of the most successful companies.

Holdina took the leader position, which earned 1,175,775,008 BAM of revenue, and immediately after, there is Tuzla with 1,107,404,065 BAM of revenue.

The several-years leader of Public Enterprise Elektroprivreda BiH occupies the third position with 1,046,048,246 BAM of revenues, and these three companies are far ahead of others when it comes to revenue. The fourth on the list with revenues of 747,293,759 BAM is ArcelorMittal, followed by the Top 10 companies: Aluminum (530,135,381), Hifa-Oil (521,679,018), Petrol BH Oil Company (516,536,944), Boreas (488,001, 710), BH Telecom (480,413,376) and PE Elektroprivreda HZ HB (442,010,021).

When it comes to the most successful companies in terms of operating profit, it is at the very top of the JP Autoceste FBiH, which has doubled the profits – 139,985,486 BAM, compared to the previous year.

The last year’s leader Bingo and the first private sector company that took the lead in earnings had an operating profit of 92,447,999 BAM and occupied second place, while one position lowered JP Elektroprivreda BiH’s ranking with 71,983,543 BAM operating profit.

BH Telecom is the fourth most successful company with 56,493,813 BAM, and the fifth largest Premier World Sport with 51,964,368 BAM of operating profit, Biznis Info reports.

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