Analysis of Political Relations between Dragan Covic and Milorad Dodik

President of Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and the Croat member of BiH Presidency Dragan Čović has established close political and interest-based alliance with Milorad Dodik and SNSD. Čović supports the politics of one part of HDZ from Croatia who believe that the Croats and the Serbs can make an agreement without the third nationality, i.e. the Bosniaks. However, he ignores the fact that most Bosnian-Herzegovinian Croats have strong patriotic feelings towards their homeland. Roman Catholic Church (RCC) plays an important role in this patriotism through Bosnian Franciscans who have remained loyal to Bosnia throughout the long history and are therefore called the guardians of Bosnia.  Čović’s strategy of resolving all issues through Banja Luka (the entity of Republika Srpska) has proven to be disastrous for the Bosnian Croats and Dodik has turned out to be his strategic mistake.

HDZ leaders have turned out to be one of the most criminalized political groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the past 30 years, which further aggravates the position of Croats in this country. Departure from HDZ’s politics, therefore, represents an important contribution to decriminalization of Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina who have found themselves in a difficult situation due to criminal activities of their leaders.  According to ICTY final judgements the Republic of Croatia participated in joint criminal enterprise (JCE) against Bosnia and Herzegovina. This represents a historical burden for the Republic of Croatia, therefore this country should not allow its politics to experience yet another fiasco in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Republic of Serbia is in a similar position – according to ICTY it also participated in the international armed conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina final judgments and thus acted as an aggressor against the latter.

The (Croat) leader of Democratic Front (DF) Željko Komšić’s candidacy for the forthcoming election has shaken up Čović’s position, for it will be hard for him to compete with Komšić and his political concept. It is little known that Komšić received the Vatican recognition award Commando con placca dell’Ordine Pano from Holy See for his contribution to the conclusion of the agreement between Vatican City and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Analysts have received worrying information that election fraud is being prepared in order to prevent Željko Komšić from becoming the Croat member of BiH Presidency. A similar fraud is also being prepared for Denis Bećirović and Mladen Ivanić, which points to the question of CES’s role in the preparation of election frauds. IFIMES will closely follow those processes and strengthen its presence in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the forthcoming general election in this country and  inform the public accordingly.


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