Analysis: How much meat was exported to Turkey in 2016?

December 30, 2016 12:30 PM

import exportIn only six months of this year, 6.100 tons of boned meat was exported to the Republic of Turkey, i.e. the gross amount of 14.000 tons, and significant benefits were achieved in the livestock sector and in institutions, services, meat industry, manufacturing and catering sector as well, stated the Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH Mirko Šarović.

Šarović said that the arrangement regarding the export of meat to Turkey for 2016 was completed in Tuesday. Out of the total amount, two thirds of meat originate from Republika Srpska and one third from the FBiH, and thus the export was mostly achieved from the territory of Semberija, Posavina and Gradiška.

“Unlike in 2015, this arrangement went on without incidents or violations that occurred during 2015, which is a sign that the system has been improved and enhanced in comparison with the previous year. The entire financial arrangement regarding the export of meat to Turkey is worth almost 70 million BAM,” Šarović said.

Šarović added that he spent several days in Turkey and that they conducted necessary preparations for the new arrangement in 2017, which will be certainly equal and probably even higher than this year’s arrangement. According to Šarović, full consent was achieved with the relevant ministers in the Government of Turkey. Šarović said that the new tender is expected in the second half of January 2017, several months before than in the arrangement for 2016.

“This year we had one deliverer and the arrangement was conducted via the Tuzla Airport. It is possible that in 2017 we will have a different way of transporting meat to Turkey, but that depends on the European Commission and whether they will allow BiH to transport meat via roads,” said Šarović.

Šarović emphasized that the entire delivered amount of meat is of BiH origin, in accordance with the agreement with the Turkish Government.



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