Analysis: the highest Salaries in 2016 in FBiH

January 29, 2017 6:00 PM

moneyIn the last year, the highest salary paid in the Federation of BiH amounted to 27,960 BAM, was confirmed to the “Avaz” newspapers from the Federal Tax Administration. Name of person and name of the company that has paid its employees on a monthly basis in this amount was not revealed, due to the fact that by the Law, the information is legally protected and is considered a secret.

The only information that could be revealed is that this salary is earned in the sale of food, beverages and tobacco. The second highest salary on a monthly basis in 2016 was paid in the amount of 21,600 BAM, and was in the banking sector. Also, we could not obtain the information about this person, whose monthly income is same as the annual income of BH pensioners.

However, given the fact that we are talking about the private sector, than, one can conclude that such payments are justified by the results of work.

On the other hand, speaking about the public institutions, the names of those who have received the highest monthly income in the last year was revealed by the Tax Administration.

Thus, in the Agency for Insurance of monthly salary supervision, one employee has the salary in the amount of 10.140 BAM. Although the information bout the position of the employee was not revealed, one can conclude that it is the company director.

The second highest wage in the public sector at the federal level is in the Development Bank of the Federation of BiH, and it amounts to 8,737 BAM. This is followed by the Federal Banking Agency, with a monthly salary of 7.896 BAM, and the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Federation in the amount of 6,420 BAM. Unofficially, the salaries in the federal institutions are the ones received by their directors.

(Source: akta)


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