Amira Medunjanin: Bosnian Billie Holiday

May 8, 2017 10:00 AM

amira-medunjanin-najavila-prvi-koncert-u-lisinskom_1420913672Our queen of sevdah Amira Medunjanin found herself on the list of top ten world music divas made by the British magazine “Songlines”. This Sarajevan is not only an international star, but British journalist Nigel Williamson called her “Bosnian Billie Holliday.”

This kind of status is not surprising when it comes to our Amira. She is a BH artist with an international career who tirelessly nurtures our cultural heritage. She successfully completed her US tour, and if you visit her official website, you can see that all the concerts in Europe this year are practically sold out. Amira was too modest to comment on the status of magazine “Songlines” about her, her life is a song and she talked about it with a lot of passion.

What to say about Amira, except that the world scenes and stages are opened for her. Can you share your impressions from the US tour?

“It was my first time on the North American continent and I was really surprised by the fact that people are so kind and warm hearted no matter in which city we stayed. It was great to hang out after the concert, where I had the opportunity to finally meet the friends I’ve been chatting with through social networks. We spent a month on the trip and everything was so fast. I am planning to repeat it as soon as possible.

Considering the success you have achieved, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the glory?

To be honest, I do not feel anything special, because success is a relative thing. However, I am often surprised when people stop me on the street just to have a quick chit-chat with me. I am not used to it at all. This calling allows me to meet many wonderful people and make great friendships that really mean a lot to me and I consider that as a real success. I am a real workaholic, and I do not mind to travel and perform.

You are visiting many cities in the world, and due to your status and work you can afford to live in any address, but Sarajevo is still your favorite place. What is it that is still keeping you here?

“For someone who grew up in streets of Sarajevo, it is difficult to find some other place with this kind of colors, people, humor, and compassion. To search now for a new place under some other Trebevic, I am afraid that it is just in vain. If I would ever decide to go somewhere else, I would certainly look for something completely different from Valter city.



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