American Professor David Pettigrew: There is Strong Evidence that Serbia was responsible for Genocide

David_PettigrewProfessor of philosophy, holocaust, and genocide in Southern Connecticut State University David Pettigrew believes that it is imperative for BiH to submit a request for revision of the judgment of the International Court of Justice in The Hague from 2007 in the case of BiH against Serbia and Montenegro.

He called the decision on the submission of the revision of the judgment as for the moral obligation to all victims, especially due to the fact that the survivors are now facing negation of the genocide and the glorification of war criminals from Serbia and the RS.

“The failure of the RS and Serbia to accept the responsibility for the genocide are destabilizing the country and region. Due to such refusal and destabilization, it is our responsibility to tell the truth and insist on justice in every possible way. The recognition of the truth and accepting the responsibility of the perpetrators is an important step on the path of justice and reconciliation,” believes Professor Pettigrew.

As one of the arguments for the application for revision was stated that the Court ruled that genocide was committed in Srebrenica and that Serbia failed to prevent the crime, but these decisions provide a firm foundation that Serbia could be found responsible for genocide. Also, revision of a judgment may be based on the new evidence that were presented in a number of judgments in The Hague, including the conviction of former President of Serbia Radovan Karadzic, because in that judgment, for example, judged the existence of a joint criminal enterprise (JCE) in which participated Karadzic and other Serbian officials.

He recalled that BiH filed the original lawsuit in 1993 and that it was very extensive and detailed when it comes to the evidence. There is also new evidence after the discovery of a mass grave Tomasica, as well as the evidence contained in the judgment to Karadzic.

They will, says this professor at the American University, contribute to creation of a true picture of the atrocities that were committed from 1992 to 1995, which include murder, violent persecution, sexual violence and the destruction of cultural heritage and planning strategy of genocide to exterminate the non-Serb population and cultural heritage of the territory of the RS.

He expressed the belief that from a time distance, previous evidence will be seen in a new light, especially because of the realization that now, more than ever, it is clear that Srebrenica genocide started after the siege of 1992, when residents and refugees were forced to live under the attack of Serbian planes, bombs and artillery, without any food supplies.

“In other words, this armed siege directly affected the living conditions, among the residents of Srebrenica, and the international community knew about all of this. This is a case that needs to be presented, the story that must be told to those who cannot testify. We have to solve this case and tell their story,” concluded Pettigrew.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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