Amel Curic, Winner of X Factor Adria talked about his Success

June 30, 2015 2:00 PM

amel curicBH singer Amel Curic is the winner of a popular music show X Factor Adria. In this interview, Curic referred to this competition, plans that follow when it comes to new performances and musical material, as well as the style of music that he will follow in the future.

“After first to or three auditions I realized that there is  a possibility for me to come to the finals, and I set it as the main goal, which is the slogan – do not ever fail! However, as time was passing, I was getting better and better comments of jury, production and audience and I thought that I could maybe think about the victory, but I haven’t set it as a goal so I would not disappoint“, said Curic.

It turned out that he won thanks to his experience and singing “organization“, as well as a lack of a stage fright when it comes to the bigger performances.
“I was not hoping for the win until the moment when Bobi Mojsovski and I remained alone on the stage. I felt shiver, I thought – what if they say may name now – and I go up to the throne again. When it happened, I was shocked and reacted impulsive, I felt like Ibisevic when he scored against Argentina at the World Cup. I was really happy, I couldn’t believe in it“, added Amel.

Even in an interview in April this year, at the very beginning of X Factor Adria, Amel Curic said that he hopes that this competition will be a milestone in his career.


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