Ambassador Rill: Chinese would be happy to visit Neum and Medjugorje

January 3, 2018 11:00 AM

The interest of Chinese investment companies in BiH is surprisingly large. The Embassy of BiH in China is being contacted by large Chinese companies that would like to invest in BiH, primarily when it comes to the field of energy and infrastructure.

“Today’s China has a space program and high technology, which goes side by side with all the world-famous producers. China is not a country of bicycles and small homes anymore, but the country of electric vehicles and architectural miracles that are using sustainable energy. China is the country of the future,” stated Ambassador Rill.

With a statement that there are no open issues between BiH and China, and that relations between these two countries represent a real example of friendly relations and successful political cooperation, the Ambassador also noted that there should be no obstacles on the path of placing the economic cooperation at a higher level.

The thing that he sees as an obstacle to that is, besides the geographical distance, the fact that BiH cannot produce and provide sufficient amount of any type of goods to the large Chinese market. Therefore, the Ambassador believes that the establishment of free economic zones in BiH would be a certain kind of a solution, for the benefit of both sides, and it would lead to the creation of new workplaces and the increase of exports from BiH.

“BiH would provide locations under favourable conditions, including complete documentation, and the Chinese side would invest all the necessary funds. The Embassy of BiH in China heard this kind of opinions from individual Chinese corporations, associations and companies on several occasions,” said Rill.

“The maintenance of the traditional Fair of Agricultural Equipment and Investments in Mostar was strongly supported,” said Rill, and noted that all activities are contributing to the development of relations and cooperation of BiH with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, but also with the PR China.

“If BiH would appear on the tourist maps of China, that would represent a significant source of income. The Embassy of BiH in Beijing receives inquiries from Chinese citizens who would like to visit places where  famous films “Valter Defends Sarajevo” and “Bridge” were recorded, during their visit to the RS, as well as monuments from World War II and Medjugorje and Neum, which indicates great knowledge and interest in BiH,” he said.

Another thing that contributes to friendly relations between BiH and China, according to the Ambassador, is the fact that compliance with the principle and policy of “one China” is the long-term commitment of the foreign policy of BiH, which is largely appreciated by Chinese Government, and at the same time, they respect the independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty of our country.



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