Ambassador of Iran to Bosnia and Herzegovina sends Farewell Message, wishes Prosperity and Growth


“After four years of my life here in beautiful Bosnia and Herzegovina, I’m about to depart the country as my mission is going to end shortly. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all Bosnians who are such kind-hearted people and whose hospitality turned these four years into a memorable experience for me and my wife. Profound cultural affinity and historical ties have bound the two nations of Iran and BiH together. Such ties go beyond economic interests and materialistic motives and have manifested themselves under trying times. Great thinkers such as Fevzi Mostari, Mohammad Nargesi, Sudi Bosnevi have attested to such strong ties between the two nations throughout history,” Ambassador of Iran to Bosnia and Herzegovina Mahmoud Heidari stated in his farewell message.

Ambassador continues by saying that Bosnia and Herzegovina is a name so familiar for all Iranians who remember the 1990s; a name which reminds them of grave concerns and painful memories. Almost all of them remember bursting into tears in sympathy while watching on TV what was happening in BiH in those years.

“I remember women who sold their wedding rings and jewelry that they had received as gifts from their husbands to help their fellow human beings in BiH. Also, I remember children who would give the money in their penny banks as well as their toys to Bosnian kids with great love. All of  them are now thankful of God the Almighty for the governing peace and stability in your country, hoping that BiH is headed towards enjoying a stronger national sovereignty, sustained territorial integrity, and severing foreign interference by resorting to strengthening national solidarity and given the closer proximity among different ethnicity groups and political factions.”

“I am about to leave your country but I will continue to cherish the memories of these four years. Farewell Sarajevo and the quiet strolls between Baščaršija and Ferhadija! Farewell Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque with all of it’s spiritual magnificence of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. Farewell tekije replete with mystical supplications!,” Ambassador wrote in a letter.

H.E. continued by saying that although he is departing Bosnia, he will eagerly follow you hoping to hear good and happy news from BiH, news of peace and stability, development and growth, news of closer bonds among ethnicity groups and followers of different religions, news of greater hope and spirituality among the youths, news of unstoppable efforts that are harbingers of a better future for everyone.

“I will leave Sarajevo hoping to see that the strong tree of friendship between the two nations of Iran and Bosnia and Herzegovina will continue to be evergreen and fruitful and will remain safe from ill-wishers and those of corrupt thinking, by God’s will,” H.E. concluded.


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