Ambassador of Italy to BiH: You have a strong Culture and Strength for Positive Changes

June 27, 2017 12:15 PM

Nicola MinasiIn the past three months that he spent in our country, the Ambassador of Italy to BiH, Nicola Minasi, got very positive impressions. Although he understands that there are certain political difficulties, he believes that our society has the energy and strength for positive changes.

He noted that the aim of Italy, together with its European partners, is to follow BiH on its path of common growth that will result in increased prosperity in our country and the region. For that reason, Italy decided to host the next summit of the Berlin Process that will take place on July 12, in Trieste, through which they are planning to channel European funds for financing of infrastructure and improvement of communication in this part of Europe, according to Ambassador Minasi.

When asked in which way Italy can help BiH within its Euro-Atlantic integrations, Ambassador Minasi said that the entry of BiH into the European Union is a strategic goal for Italy with the main aim of the stability of the country and the region, as well as the increase of constructive exchange with neighboring countries. He also noted that Italy is ready to share its experiences at all levels (political, administrative and business) in order to give the opportunity to BiH to learn from the best practices and avoid the usual mistakes of accessing countries.

The Ambassador of Italy to BiH expressed his satisfaction with the economic cooperation between BiH and Italy and emphasized that it can be further improved. He recalled that Italy is the second largest trading partner of BiH and that, after Germany, the exchange between these two countries exceeds 1.5 billion EUR every year, as well as that 70 Italian companies are doing business in our country.

He added that he is impressed by the number of artists, poets, and musicians in our country, and noted that if there was a parameter for measuring a number of artist per capita, BiH would be among the first countries in the world.

Michelangelo Pistoletto recently visited our country and realized his “Third Paradise” on that occasion with around 400 young people from all over the country. Minasi expressed his hope to see many other similar initiatives and noted that he was impressed by the number of proposals that are coming from Italy from the highest artistic level.

“World famous artists are interested in visiting BiH and recognizing the cultural, historical and human significance of your country,” concluded Ambassador Minasi.

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