Amar Hromo, BH Architect in Qatar: Our Engineers are much appreciated here

August 13, 2017 10:00 AM

Amar Hromo is an architect from Sarajevo who lives and works in the capital of Qatar, and he came to that far Gulf country three years ago with the aim to gain experience in his work. Today, he works on projects whose value amounts to several billions of USD. In his free time, he likes to travel around the world, and he gladly returns to Sarajevo and recommends everyone to come to Qatar.

It was not difficult for him to blend in when he came to Doha, and he stated that engineers from BiH have a very good foundation that can be easily applied anywhere in the world including Qatar.

“Bosnians are versatile people, it is not difficult for our people to blend in. We are never focused on one thing, on one direction. Companies recognize this quality, so they are searching for people from BiH, Serbia, and Croatia,” explained Amar.

“Our people are very capable, architects are much appreciated, and engineers are generally welcome as well. As engineers, we cannot be limited to one country only, people always went in different countries while looking for a job. Before it was Russia and Libya, and now it is Qatar, Emirates… Everyone who has the opportunity should come here. We can easily apply here everything we learned in BiH,” said Amar.

“When it comes to technology, they follow the best standards including American, British, and German. They never save on the technology and it always has to be the best, although there are some exceptions. Rarely any architect from BiH will have the opportunity to do things that we are doing here unless Qatar starts investing in Sarajevo as in Doha,” said Amar.

According to him, they also invest a lot in tourist potentials, and he also noted that tourists from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Iran are frequent guests in Qatar.

Amar Hromo stated that he gladly returns to Sarajevo at least 2-3 times a year, but he likes to travel around the world as well.

“I think that it is wrong to stick to one country, in that context. I love Sarajevo and I gladly come here 2 or 3 times a year. But we should not stick to one place, we need to open up our horizons. Life brought me here, and it is uncertain what will happen next. I would like to go to Singapore,” concluded this young architect.

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