Alija Tabakovic is leading the Race for Srebrenica Mayor

Pro-Bosnian candidate Alija Tabakovic is leading the race for Srebrenica mayor according to the current situation on the Central Election Commission’s website.

These are data that were last updated about two hours after midnight. According to these data, Tabakovic has 54.42 percent of the vote, and Mladen Grujicic from the “Together for Srebrenica” coalition has 45.17 percent of the vote.

Yesterday, supporters of both camps organized victory celebrations in the city.

In addition, a mass arrival of Serbian citizens in this city was noticed, which is why irregularities are suspected.

The winner will be decided, it seems, by the votes received by mail. – Mathematics shows that the difference between me and Grujicic will be in some hundred to 200 votes – Tabakovic said last night for “Avaz”.

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