Alberto Tomba: Jahorina at the Top of European and World Ski Centers

March 9, 2018 10:15 AM

Famous Italian skier Alberto Tomba stated that the Olympic Center of Jahorina now can be considered as one of the best skiing destinations in Europe and the world.

“I am very happy to be here on the Olympic Mountain of Jahorina and it is just great to be part of this team that gathers friends of Jahorina and real ski lovers. I was welcomed by beautiful and friendly atmosphere and this ski resort is at the same level as some of the best European and world ski-centers,” said Tomba.

He also noted that he is very happy that the organizer gave him the honour to open the “Race of famous friends of Jahorina” and talk to his fans and ski lovers. The race is scheduled for this Saturday.

He added that this is a beautiful event that reminds him of the Winter Olympics in Sarajevo back in 1984, and the very beginning of his rich ski career when he met the great skier Bojan Krizaj.

It was noted that more than 165,000 skiers visited Jahorina this season and yesterday was the 95th day of this ski-season.

The “Race of famous friends of Jahorina” will take place on Saturday at the Poljica trail from 5:00 PM and it will gather true ski lovers.





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