Alarming: 30,000 Plastic Bottles removed from Neretva River

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the consequences of throwing plastic waste into rivers, lakes and the sea are visible everywhere.

Numerous actions to clean the riverbed show this, and among the disposable plastic items that make up the largest waste group in river are definitely bottles for beverages.

Three years ago, Oliver Arapovic, president of the “May Flower Association” in Mostar, along with activists, removed more than 30,000 plastic bottles from the Neretva River in Buna. Until yesterday, that waste was piled up in Arapovic’s yard, because the Association had no money to transport to Sarajevo, where a recycling company exists.

However, thanks to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in BiH and the Dinarika Association, plastic waste from Mostar was transported on Sunday to Sarajevo.

“We were afraid that this waste would not return to the Neretva River again, but we finally experienced great relief,” Arapovic told Avaz newspapers. Zoran Mateljak, head of WWF in BiH, said that this action is an indicator of the situation in our society.


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