The Airport of Tuzla expects the increase of Passengers in 2018

January 3, 2018 12:30 PM

The goal of the management of the International Airport Tuzla for 2017 was to transport a total of 480,000 passengers, which would represent a significant increase when it comes to the number of passengers that are using their airline services in comparison to the number of passengers transported in 2016, which amounted to a total of 356,000 passengers. However, this number has been exceeded, and more than half a million passengers, or 520,000 people, used Tuzla Airport in the year of 2017.

The realization of several projects and the introduction of new air lines in 2017 contributed to the development of tourism, and the Tuzla Airport will still represent a generator of development in the upcoming period as well, not only in the field of tourism but in other business fields as well. In this regard, they proceeded with the reconstruction and extension of the building of passengers’ terminal.

Equally important project that should be realized in 2018 is the completion of the construction of customs warehouse for fuel, which will improve the conditions for the operation of traffic from the International Airport Tuzla. Moreover, it will also enable delivery of kerosene at the most favourable prices in the region to all other airlines as well.

As director of the International Airport Tuzla Rifat Karasalihovic noted, the plan of work for this year has already been completed and submitted to the Government of Tuzla Cantonal for consideration, and it should be on the agenda of one of the sessions in January. It is planned to increase the number of passengers by 8 to 12 % in 2018, but also to increase revenues up to 13 %.

“All of this will allow further employment of people at the International Airport of Tuzla, and we have foreseen the employment of around twenty new people in 2018. I have to mention that we have hired a total of 140 people directly at the International Airport of Tuzla from the year of 2014 until today,” stated Karasalihovic.

(Source: NV)


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