Agrokor Representatives to meet with Suppliers from BiH

Konzum Donation tuzlalive.baAnte Ramljak, the Croatian government’s advisor for Agrokor company, will arrive in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) today. The focus of the meeting will be discussion of the crisis in the company and plans for future business. Ramljak will meet with the government representatives of Agrokor’s companies in BiH.

Ramljak will meet in Sarajevo with the Chairman of Council of Ministers Denis Zvizdic and representatives of “Ledo” – Čitluk, “Zvijezda” – Sarajevo, “Konzum” – Sarajevo, “Velpro Sarajevo” and “Superkartica” Sarajevo, and the Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to Bosnia and Herzegovina Ivan Del Vechio.

Discussions on the operations of Agrokor’s companies in BiH are expected to provide jobs for more than five thousand employees.

The holder of the Agrokor business activities in BiH is the trade chain “Konzum”, which operates as an independent company.

Last month, Chairman Zvizdic and Ministers of Finance and Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Vjekoslav Bevanda and Mirko Sarovic spoke with representatives of daughter companies ‘of Agrokor’ about the financial problems of this Croatian group and the possible consequences for BiH.

The Minister said that there are certain estimates that debts of ‘Agrokor’ to BH suppliers amount to at least 250 million BAM, but there is a possibility that the debts are even higher which is why this meeting is the first one in a series, especially due to the fact that possible ‘collapse’ of ‘Agrokor’ or companies in the Group would have a negative impact on the overall balance in BiH and state of employees, and it would also influence on hundreds of suppliers from BiH.


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