Agreement reached on the basis of which BiH plans to return a great Number of Migrants to Pakistan

At its 31st extraordinary telephone session on Thursday, the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina determined the Proposal of the Readmission Agreement between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

A Draft Protocol between the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Ministry of Interior of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan on the implementation of this Agreement has also been established.

Proposals for agreements and protocols will be submitted to the Presidency of BiH in a further procedure provided by law, with a proposal to appoint the Minister of Security of BiH as their signatory. By concluding this agreement, BiH and Pakistan confirm their readiness to get involved in international actions to prevent illegal migration, because the agreement regulates the issues of accepting their own citizens, third-country nationals and stateless persons residing in the territory of a contracting party contrary to their laws.

This is an extremely important agreement for BiH, which in recent years has become a very interesting country for illegal migration in the direction of the “Balkan route” in the chain of countries through which the process of smuggling people, drugs, vehicles and other organized crime takes place.

According to the established draft protocol, the competent authorities for receiving, submitting and processing readmission applications, as well as those for transit, are the Ministry of Security for Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Ministry of Interior for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Readmission and reception of citizens of the two countries and transit of foreigners will take place over the international airports in Sarajevo and Islamabad. The Agreement shall enter into force 30 days after the date of receipt of the last notification exchanged between the two States and the completion of the internal legal procedure necessary for its entry into force, Klix.ba reports.

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