Agreement on the Transport of Gas signed in Sarajevo


It was dramatic in Sarajevo on Wednesday, where a  meeting at the Federal Government headquarters lasted for over seven hours and when authorities discussed the closure of pipes near the city of Zvornik the same day.

BH-Gas and Gas promet, however, signed the Agreement on the Transport of Gas of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which created conditions for the unblocking of the pipeline to Sarajevo.

Federal Minister of Energy, Mining and Industry Nermin Dzindic said after the meeting that the contract between BH-Gas and “Gas promet” was signed and nothing more was in dispute.

“Gas was immediately released into the system, so the Federation will certainly not run out of gas. I would like to thank Minister Petar Djokic, who, although in Moscow, helped by telephone to solve the problem. Also, the European Commission, which helped us to reach an agreement, and Federal Prime Minister Fadil Novalic, who has been our whole-day support,” said Djindic.

Asked to comment on who was responsible for the situation, BH-Gas Director Jasmin Salkic said that the best solution was needed for the adoption of laws in BiH, news portal reports.

“We wanted to respect the principles of Republika Srpska, Federation of BiH and that is the only reason to technically set it. We have found some solutions and this has been assisted by the European Commission,” Salkic explained.

Milomir Draganic, director of “Gas promet” from Zvornik, said last night’s deal was the result of a compromise and that Republika Srpska has regulated its own areas.


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