What is agreed on the Session of the House of Representatives today?

house of representaivesThe propositions of the laws to make the municipality of Cazin, Livno and Gorazde be declared towns, was supported at today’s session of the House of Representatives of the Federal Parliament.

In order for laws to come into force, these laws need to be approved by the House of Peoples.

Even though there was opponents who commented that, according to the current criteria, the inflation of declaration of many other municipalities in the Federation can occur, acts in a secret ballot received a high support among voters.

The session ended by jokes that MPs who arrived from municipalities of Cazin, Livno and Gorazde, will, after the end of session, return to towns.

Formally and legally speaking, one confirmatory decision of the House of Peoples is enough for a law to be accepted.

(Source: N1info)



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