Agency for Food Safety: BiH imports Low-quality Food

Last year, 85,601 food samples were processed in laboratories, of which 4.5 percent of the samples did not pass the tests, was stated in an interview for “Avaz” Dzemil Hajric, Director of Agency for Food Safety.

“Mostly controlled are meat products, followed by ready meals and pastry. It is precisely the most unmatched samples and were among those products, meat in particular,”Hajric explained.

He warns that BiH imports low-quality food.

Research has shown that there are differences in food quality within the EU as well. Most often it is that products under the same name and brand, but with different composition and characteristics, are placed on the market of different European Union countries.

Hajric adds that such practice should be solved by the recent adoption of the Directive of the European Parliament and the Council on unfair business practices by a manufacturer.

When it comes to BiH, Hajric emphasizes that special attention should be paid to harmonizing the system of official food control with European standards and to upgrade the control system, in particular inspection services and laboratories.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, further warned Hajric, imported agricultural products worth 3.08 billion BAM last year, which is 16 percent of total imports.

Among imported food, there are goods of varying quality, but Hajric emphasizes that it is important to keep track of what one is buying and eating.

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