After 80 Years, Islamic Religious School to be opened in Banja Luka


At the last regular session of the Islamic Community of Bosnia-Herzegovina held in the capital Sarajevo, the Islamic Community adopted the Decision on the Formation of the “Reis Ibrahim Maglajlic” Islamic highschool in Banja Luka and adopted the founding acts necessary for its registration.

The head of Islamic Community in Banja Luka handed over to the Entity Ministry of Education and Culture in Banja Luka the documentation needed to register a madrasah (Islamic School) in this city.

In the coming period, the Ministry will determine the fulfillment of the conditions for the establishment of this secondary school, after which it issues a decision on the justification of the establishment.

The registration of the school is then carried out and the conditions for starting work are provided.

Republika Srpska (RS) will support head of Islamic Community in Banja Luka Nusret Abdibegovic in efforts to build an Islamic religious school (madrasah) in Banja Luka, as well as a kindergarten, which will be opened by a Catholic church in that city, announced member of Bosnia-Herzegovina’s (BiH’s) Presidency Milorad Dodik.

He announced that the construction of a madrasah in Banja Luka would be supported with 500,000 BAM, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.

He says that those investments, as well as those for the Serbian Orthodox Church, were discussed today at a reception organized by entity president Zerljka Cvijanovic for representatives of religious communities.

There was also talk of returning property to religious communities. Dodik said after a meeting of the SNSD Executive Committee that he said it was necessary to take the work of the National Assembly seriously so that it would not be a place that could be seen in the past.

“We believe that there is a coordinated activity of certain structures, because we have seen some activities in RS, Montenegro and Serbia. These centers are trying to target some destabilization. Of course, we will respond strongly to this in an effort to ensure normality, which also includes the transfer of energy that could be seen at a rally of the veterans’ association,” Dodik added.

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