After 25 Years, Park around the Campus in Sarajevo to be cleaned up

Workers at the Cantonal Public Utility Company “Park” have started an action to clean up the campus of the University of Sarajevo, so that the space will soon be transformed into a green area.

Sarajevo Canton Minister of Municipal Economy and Infrastructure Srdjan Mandic said that this part of the city has been very ugly for years, and students from several Sarajevo faculties will be invited to propose several ideas, the best of which will be accepted.

Sarajevo Canton Prime Minister Edin Forto has said that after 25 years, the campus will be cleaned up, thanks to the goodwill of Rector Rifet Skrijel.

“Not only will it be renovated, it will be transformed into a park, which the students of the Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture will arrange,” Prime Minister Forto announced.

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