Adventure and Ethno Tourism – Tourist Attraction of Banja Luka

Banja-LukaMore and more tourists show interest in coming to Banja Luka every year, especially from the countries of the region.

Considering last year, an increased number of tourists is expected in 2014 and the TOBL’s assessments show that the “Vrbas Beauty” will be visited by 67 000 up to 68 000 tourists.

“The town on Vrbas” was visited during the summer season by 21 000 guests so the tourism and hospitality employees should have around 35 000 overnights stays from June to September. – is stated at the Tourism organization of Banja Luka.

The town of Banja Luka and its river Vrbas hosted the Europian Juniors Championship in canoe and kayaking this July while in august the World Parachuting Championship as another chance to promote the tourism in this town was held.

According to the Statistic agency data which match with the TOBL’s data, the number of tourists in Banja Luka in 2013 is 3,1 % bigger than in 2012 while the number of overnight stays is 3,8 % bigger. The statistics show that there has been 64 767 visits and 104.869 overnight stays last year in Banja Luka while in 2012 there was 62.817 visits and 101.033 overnight stays.

 Adventure and ethno tourism most attractive

As earlier, adventure and ethno tourism are very popular in BL, and recommendations for all tourists coming from TOBL are to visit the Castel fortress, Krupa at Vrbas, the excursion site Trešnjik, Banj Brdo (Šehitluci), the excursion site Duboka, Karanovac as well as historical monuments and religious objects which reflect the coexistence of different cultures and civilizations.

“Other things you certainly should not miss while in Banja Luka are the National and Children’s theatre of RS, The Museum of RS, the cultural centre “Banski dvor”, the Contemporary arts museum and numerous galleries. Near Banja Luka you can go to Banja Slatina, Mlinska Rijeka, National park Kozara, Bardača and the river Pliva.” – was stated at TOBL.

Some of the main events that marked this summer season are the traditional Vrbas Summer, held in Banja Luka every year; Kozarski etno 2014, the Kratkofil film festival, Beer Fest, Demofest, “Days of Vrbas” eco-festival, rafting at Vrbas, the World Parachuting Championship, the European juniors kayaking and canoe championship as well as many other events which enrich additionally the touristic potential of this town.

(Source: Klix)

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