Advance Payment and Officially start of the Construction of LOT 3A Sarajevo Route

August 7, 2013 11:47 AM

zaobilaznica23To the Public Enterprise (JP) Highway Federation of B&H d.o.o. Mostar is paid in advance 3.68 million KM to build the LOT 3A Sarajevo route B&H consortium consisting of Euro – Asphalt d.o.o Sarajevo and ŽGP d.o.o Sarajevo.

Local companies have been introduced to the work and they have started with the construction of LOT 3A Sarajevo Bypass, was announced today by the Public Highways FB&H.

There are hired about 350 employees on the construction of this section, and the work will be completed in 10 months. The total value of the contract for construction is 36.8 million KM and is financed from its own resources of JP Highways FB&H, ensured mainly from the highway taxes.

Also, from their own funds is invested about 18 million KM for expropriation of the LOT 3A Sarajevo route.

In just one year after the decision of the Government of the Federation, that  JP Highways FB&H d.o.o. Mostar is responsible for implementation of the project Sarajevo Bypass LOT 3A, subsection Butile Vlakovo is completed the expropriation of land, there are obtained the necessary construction  permits and is conducted a tender for contractor selection.

With the construction of the route Butile Vlakovo  will be achieved the final completion of the Sarajevo route, but also the connection of  all sections of the Corridor Vc from Tarčin to Zenica.

(Source: Fena)

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