Adria Airways will not continue performing scheduled Flights to Sarajevo?

The Slovenian airline “Adria Airways” will not perform scheduled flights to Sarajevo and other destinations for the upcoming weekend or on Monday.

The new cancellation of the flights was due to the unfinished negotiations on how to take over the company from the new potential owner.

The company once again apologizes to its passengers and business partners for the inconvenience, Adria Airways stated.

The Slovenian Civil Aviation Authority has given the airline a deadline of Wednesday, October 2 to submit a restructuring plan, or else they will suspend their Air Operators Certificate (in which case they’d be toast, since they wouldn’t be allowed to fly anymore).

At this point a majority of Adria’s fleet has been repossessed, including all of their A319s and most of their CRJ-900s.

Short of the Slovenian government or Lufthansa bailing out Adria Airways last minute, it sure seems to me like the airline will formally cease operations next week. The airline notes that they’re “still leading active discussions with potential new owners and major creditors and remains dedicated in reaching positive solution for all.”

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