Adnan Hasković and Tilda Swinton in ‘Snowpiercer’

tildaAfter shooting a film ‘Snowpiercer’ by Joon-hoa Bong with Tilda Swinton in Prague last year, BIH actor Adnan Hasković met with Swinton last night in Sarajevo.

Hasković and Swinton will have a premiere of the film ‘Snowpiercer’ this year, and Hasković plays Franz Junior, an executor of the army led by Mason, portrayed by Swinton.

Hasković got the role via Zona Agency at the European casting and he’s one of few people from this region to play in SF thriller, and this film has proven Haskić is a well appreciated actor even outside BIH.

Swinton came to Sarajevo to teach at the workshop of the International Ph.D program film factory of the Sarajevo School of Science and Technology and on that occasion film ‘The Last of England’ was shown in Meeting Point Cinema.


(photo: welcometodistrict12)

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