Adnan Delic: Incentives for Agriculture will be increased by more than a Million BAM

Yesterday, the Minister of Economy of the Canton Sarajevo (CS), Adnan Delic, visited several agricultural producers on the Nisicka Plateau, in Vogosca and Rakovica, which are successfully performing their activity despite all the difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

He expressed satisfaction that the requirements for incentives in agriculture have increased significantly, concluding that the state must stand by the farmers.

He added that the main problem at the moment is the repurchase of agricultural products, as well as the fact that there is currently a surplus of 100 tons of potatoes in CS, which agricultural producers are not able to place on the market.

He also announced a draft of a decision on the number of financial incentives, minimum requirements for starting production, minimum requirements for investment, and deadlines for submitting applications, as well as regular visits and talks with agricultural producers to solve their daily challenges.

“The number of agricultural incentives in the next year will be increased by more than a million BAM,” confirmed Minister Delic, announcing that it will be worked on the protection of domestic producers because they are under attack from imported products, which is why they are part of unfair competition.

He also noted that the CS will work on drafting the necessary missing legislation within its competence, but also start initiatives towards higher levels of government to change the existing legislation, announced the Protocol and Press Service of the CS.

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