Admission of Tenth Class of Cadets of Bosnian Border Police


Members of Bosnian Border Police have signed a decision on the admission of the tenth class of cadets of the police agency.

The basic training of the tenth generation of cadets lasted from October 7th last year, until April 30th this year, and the training was successfully completed by 99 cadets of Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, there was no solemn ceremony, but the director of the Bosnian Border Police, Zoran Galic, signed the decision on the ranking, deployment and employment contracts.

“I have no doubt in your determination and commitment to take on all the professional challenges. Proudly wear your police uniforms and be a role model in your family and your entire community. Your profession is very significant and demanding, and you are expected to work continuously on your professional development, lawfully and consistently, and without any discrimination towards anyone,” Galic told his young colleagues.

The cadets have been admitted to a 12-month probationary period in which they will perform border control tasks and monitoring of the border zone.

It is the first generation of cadets to be trained under the curriculum and in accordance with the standards of FRONTEX – the Agency for European Border and Coast Guard.


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