Adis Husic, the first certified Microsoft Data Scientist in BiH

June 17, 2017 7:45 AM

Adis HusicAdis Husic, who works in the company Authority Partners for more than 10 years, is a proof that the hard work and efforts are really paid off. He showed interest in computers as a very young child when he wrote his first VB program on a Commodore-64. While growing up and following the development of technology, he was fascinated by the progress of technology and its effect on almost every single aspect of our lives. Curiosity, as well as the strong will, perseverance, and dedication led him to the title of the first Microsoft Data Scientist in BiH.

How did you become interested in programming?

“I was a developer my entire life. I developed the interest in computers as a very young child. As the new technologies and programming languages progressed, I had to work a lot in order to follow these trends, and I invested a lot of time in the process of studying. That helped me a lot in my career. That “habit” of learning and adopting new and exciting knowledge, and not being afraid to face the challenges, made this man that I am today. As a developer, besides programming, I learned a lot about the challenges in business organization and doing business with people. As a Team Lead, I was in charge for each delivery of products and services for a large number of teams. I had to manage and organize tasks, motivate and train people, manage teams and their goals.  All of that seemed too much for me at the very beginning. However, I have learned several important lessons – respect is not gifted, it must be earned. To earn this respect and to build team spirit, it is very important to lead by giving an example, working together with a team and listening to each other. As an Architect, I had to be a technical coordinator between our clients and colleagues and to ensure delivery of our products and services on time.

You recently received a certificate “Microsoft Data Scientist”. What is the importance of this certificate for you and your career?

“It really means a lot to me. Although I invested a lot of my time, I learned a lot of things in return. It is amazing what progress technology makes and how it affects almost every single aspect of our lives, from our private life to business. As the time is passing by, this change in thinking and the ability to foresee, to become proactive, and to transform data into intelligent actions and investments, will be the one that will definitely pay off in the future.

Do you have any advice to give to people who are planning to study the Data Science?

“It is really difficult sometimes, maybe even impossible, to follow the entire existing technology and opportunities that are offered nowadays. However, in order to succeed, all you need is perseverance, strong will, and great commitment. Invest your time, do not be afraid at all and be very, very persistent.



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