Absurd: Tons of Medical Aid in Warehouses because Authorities cannot agree where to distribute


Federal Independent Health Union is urging the Council of Ministers to urgently complete the procedure to distribute donated medical equipment from Qatar and the United Arab Emirates to health facilities.

“We demand from the Council of Ministers to urgently order the Coordination Body for Protection and Rescue at the Ministry of Security, to perform all necessary actions in order to distribute the donated medical devices to all health care institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina as soon as possible.”

The Independent Health Trade Union in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has about 18,500 public employees in health facilities, of all profiles that carry virtually all the burden of an existing pandemic, Klix.ba news portal reports.

“Within our powers and in order to protect the lives and health of all health care workers, we demand an urgent distribution of protective equipment in the proportion determined for the distribution of funds from the IMF, for the Federation of BiH, Republika Srpska and Brcko District. Since the pandemic is flaring up, it is not serious that donated medical aid is in warehouses and health workers draw the last reserves of protective equipment to protect the health system and help citizens in these difficult times,” it is emphasized in the statement. They say that they also held consultations with colleagues from Republika Srpska who have exactly the same problems and fully agree with this request.



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