Abdulah Skaka to replace Aljos Campara as a Deputy Mayor of Sarajevo?

Abdulah SkakaPresident of the Municipality Board of SDA, Abdulah Skaka confirmed for FENA that there were offers from SDA for him to apply for the position of a Deputy Mayor of Sarajevo, but authorities from SDA didn’t bring any official attitude, Skaka said that it is a little bit early to talk about it.

The position of Deputy Mayor of Sarajevo remained vacant after Aljosa Campara, also from SDA, was elected for the Minister of Internal Affairs.

“I think that it is logical that I, as a person from one of the oldest Sarajevo families, should be on tht position or another similar“, said Skaka.

At Local elections 2012, Abdulah Skaka applied for the Chief of Municipality Stari Grad, but lost from Ibrahim Hadzibajric.

Family Skaka is known in Sarajevo for around 350 years whent they opened their first Sarajevo barbershop. Barbershop has always been at the same place in street Bravadziluk on Bascarsija.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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