A treaty on building a subsection Vlakovo-Lepenica

Manager of Public Enterprise (JP) “Autoceste FBiH’’ Mostar Ensad Karic and CEO of “Cengiz Insaat Sanayi ve Ticaret AS” Kemal Unluer signed today in Sarajevo a contract for construction of the highway corridor 5-C subsection Vlakovo-Lepenica, worth 350 million BAM with VAT,  which is the largest investment invested so far in the project 5C.

The length of this subsection is 10.1 kilometres, and it will be built in 20 months.

Turkish ‘’Cengiz Insaat Sanayi ve Ticaret AS’’ company will work on this project in cooperation with seven companies from BiH.

The Agreement of partnership between two companies has been signed today which will entrust domestic builders with contract in the amount of 200 million BAM.

Hidrogradnja d.d. Sarajevo, Hering d.d. Široki Brijeg, Deling d.o.o. Tuzla, Euroasfalt d.o.o. Sarajevo, A3 d.o.o. Široki Brijeg, Butmir d.o.o. Sarajevo i HP Investing d.o.o. Mostar will work on the construction of the subsection.

Unluer said that on the 21st of May a contract to build a section Suhodol-Tarčin was signed, and on 28th August 2012 a contract to build a section Lepenica-Suhodol was signed.

With the construction of Vlakovo-Lepenica subsection, in September 2014, a new 20 kilometres of motorway will be opened.

With the signing of this contract PE ‘’Autoceste FBiH’’ currently have a 472 million EUR worth contracts, and 36 kilometres of highway under construction.

For the building of tunnel ‘’Vijenac’’ and subsection ‘’Svilaj-Odžak’’, 90 million EUR is needed.

PE ‘’Autoceste FBiH’’ are in the process of ensuring the missing 307 million EUR need to complete the on-going projects, so that in 2014 BiH would have 100 kilometres of motorway.

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