A “third UNIS” Tower is being built at Marijin Dvor in Sarajevo?


The Canton Sarajevo (CS) Assembly on Tuesday (November 19th) adopted the ‘’Proposal of Decision on approval to sign the contract on the sale of land by the direct agreement between the Institute for Construction of the CS and Elvir Imamovic for the purpose of forming a construction plot’’.

It is a green space located between Sarajevo’s Hotel Holiday (formerly Holiday Inn) and UNITIC’s skyscrapers on one side and the Alta Shopping Mall on the other.

According to ‘’Eco action’’, the location was sold below the adequate price.

‘’A shady ‘investor’ used to get 791 square feet of social land at Marijin Dvor sometime before. Of course, the space is currently an abandoned green area between Franz Lehar Boulevard and apartment buildings. In 2017 the Centar Municipality, without a public debate, changed the regulatory plan and allows the construction of skyscraper of as much as 22 floors at this plot, in violation of the Sarajevo Urban Plan regulations, which clearly states that there is no longer a high level of construction in Sarajevo due to air pollution,’’ the ‘’Eco action’’ said.

They added that the CS Assembly had decided to ‘’reward the private owner with an additional 1.539 square meters of state-owned land at a preferential price far below than the price which is paid for the parcel in a less attractive location by the Central Bank of BiH, more specifically for a piece of land in Hastahana Park.’’, Radio Sarajevo reports.

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