A Story of Bosnian who became Friend with African Lion

Roaring lion represents a fear even to the bravest people, and it might seem incredible that there are those who managed to establish such a strong relationship with the king of animals that they go to sleep in the same premise.

One of those people is Sabrija Ramic who spends his days and nights with an African lion called Tuma at the Bingo ZOO in Tuzla.

He stated that the job of a ZOO care taker is very exciting and dynamic, because every day with the animal is different, but it is also dangerous and very responsible.

“Tuma is still a baby, he is very calm and he is our favourite. It is our job now to teach him and to maintain his training. Also, we should adapt to him, not him to us, and we need to provide him everything that he needs, that is, a nice life, training and the presence of a human being. He must feel that someone is taking care of him, that someone will clean the place where he is staying, that someone will feed him and train with him,” stated Ramic.

Considering the fact that he is still a baby, Tuma is eating five to seven kilograms of meat every day.

After almost three months of work with his care taker, Tuma now responds to certain commands.

Tuma will also get a company in the next few days, because two lionesses will come to Tuzla from Hungary.

“The arrival of two more lions is a great challenge, as well as responsibility. We will put them in special boxes after they arrive, and I will gradually approach them and based on their reactions, I will be able to evaluate whether they want to accept me right away or not,” said Ramic.

In order to make the life of these ZOO animals more interesting, this care taker makes toys from tires, ropes and plastic pipes.

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