Interview: Famous Designer Tvico Stambol speaks about her Exclusive Haute Couture

May 15, 2016 6:00 PM

belmaBelma Tvico’s design aesthetic brings out the seductive yet tender side of women. Ms. Stambol pays great attention to detail in order to make the garments a perfect wearable work of art. The most luxurious of fabrics, the unique handwork and ungovernable inspiration combined into these garments invite you to an adventure of style, elegance and a celebration of the insurmountable beauty of a unique design.

The whole collection pays homage to the play of light and shapes in nature. All gowns accentuate a certain kind of elegance, playfulness and lightness.


  1. A truly successful designer who already has numerous collections, awards and honours, with her own studio in the Old Town Sarajevo. Can you tell Sarajevo Times, where your passion for designing came from and when? How did you start?

Everything has begun when I was 4 years old and used to sit beside my aunt, who was a tailor and who helped me to design dresses for my dolls. I liked to dress my Barbies with nice and glamorous dresses and make up. So this was basically my first contact with ”fashion”. After that, in elementary school I went for drawing classes, and beginning of High School I started to make the first items for myself. So with 16 years I presented my first collection chosen among 200 applicants at Sarajevo Fashion Week. I presented 4 models, that I still have today, to remember my start in fashion business.

  1. Ms. Stambol, can you tell us more about the Spring/Summer 2016 collection you are working on? What kind of woman will wear those creations?

When I started to make scratches for 2016 collection, I had a strong, romantic, self-confident and successful woman in front of my eyes. So if you fulfil one of these, then there is a chance that you will feel glamorous and chick in wearing one of items from S/S 2016 collection. So wearing one of pink, lavender or peach coloured dresses, especially in spring and summer you will have all attention, a special attention every woman wants and needs.

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3. Apart from designing clothes, Ms. Stambol designs unique shoes, wedding rings and wedding dresses that are different in style and colour. Talking about designing wedding dresses, what inspires you the most?

The only milestone that I follow in designing wedding dress is giving the future bride, the feeling being like a princess in a fairytale. So, most of my specially designed wedding dresses are romantic, with lots of handwork on all the parts of the wedding dresses. All these elements give every dress a unique and exclusive touch.

Dresses are complemented with handmade silk roses and flowers. The colour scheme for this collection spans from pure white, ivory, and beige although beige dominates this bridal collection. The collection is a combination of traditional elements and the avant-garde ones, while the shapes and lines of these wedding dresses go from elegant and sexy to simple and traditional ones with the wedding accent which is the synonym for a modern approach to the classic style. With impeccable fit and fabrics, this collection is for the most discerning of brides.

4. Three months ago, you published your first movie “Diva in You” that has attracted much media as well as general attention. The movie is the crown of your work so far and investment in the creation of an exclusive BH high fashion brand for women. Nataša Borozan has worn several amazing dresses and wedding dresses designed by you. Can you tell us more about filming the movie, dresses, inspiration, expectations etc?

We have been planning for a quite time to make this fashion movie. As I grown up in my parents’ house that is just behind the City Hall, we have figured out, that it would be really authentic to make the movie in our most beautiful building. And the City Hall by itself in the pseudo- mauric style reflects an oriental and exclusive touch combined with exclusive dresses and wedding gowns. The shooting took for 17 hours without brakes. It was really difficult, especially in the morning, when the concentration was really low, especially after a hard work during night. However, we had really great models Nataša and Arijan who helped us the most. After the Gala premiere, I had great response from my clients as well as from the others who are not. Later, we also presented the fashion film in Novi Sad at Serbia Fashion Week, and we will send it this year to some fashion film festivals in Berlin and Madrid.

5. What moments in your career were critical to your success?

First critical moment was the moment when I have started my own business. At that time I had to realize that I have to invest many free time for my new business. Also I had to invest and invent new collections, because, every time my clients came to my studio, they asked about the new items. I have realized that I have to invest every 3-4 months in getting new fabrics. But in the end I got to the conclusion that there will be more and more critical moments, as I want to extend my business worldwide.

6. When talking about the future, where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Currently, we are working in opening new stores around the world. My expectations and plans for the next 5-10 years is to be the first Bosnian Haute Couture brand that is selling in Dubai, London, Paris, Istanbul and in other big cities in the world, exporting form Bosnia and employing many women. For now we have opened several doors, so let’s see if we will make our next interview in five years in my future office in Paris.

Interview by Zejna SY

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