67 Cases of Coronavirus Infection in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Capital Sarajevo

A total of 283 samples were tested at the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo (KCUS), and as confirmed by KCUS, there are 67 newly infected with coronavirus in Sarajevo, four in Zenica, one in Vitez and one in Travnik.

As a reminder, 78 new cases of COVID-19  virus infection were recorded in the wider area of Sarajevo on Sunday.

“Of the 284 tests processed in the past 24 hours for the Sarajevo Canton area, 78 were positive for coronavirus,” the Canton Sarajevo government press office said.

According to the CS Public Health Institute, 1,123 people are positive for coronavirus in Sarajevo and there are 55 people in hospital in the Isolation of the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo, one of whom uses respirator support when breathing.

SSebija Izetbegovic, Director General of the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo, told Radio Sarajevo portal  earlier that the isolation ward is 50 percent full.

“More than half of the capacity has been filled,” added Izetbegovic, saying that he news that the recovery of six people from the infectious disease COVID-19 was recorded on Sunday is encouraging.

One person has died, and this is the 19th death in CS since the beginning of the pandemic. There are currently 1,381 people in self-isolation in the area of Canton Sarajevo.

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