606 million BAM spent on the Import of Cell Phones into BiH

October 9, 2017 5:30 PM

In five years and nine months, a total of 606.3 million BAM of cell phones was imported into Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

The value of imports grew year after year, and mostly of mobile phones. In 2012, around 70.6 million BAM of phones were imported and in the previous year the figure increased to as much as 119.8 million BAM. Only in the first nine months of this year, about 114.9 million BAM of phones were imported, reports Blic.rs.

The sale value in the BiH market is much higher because the price increases due to customs taxes. Unfortunately, the authorities do not keep records of the number of telephones that have been imported, but measure them in kilograms. Thus, since 2012 about 1,318 tons of telephones were imported.

According to the latest data of the regulator, published by the Statistics Agency of BiH, the number of mobile telephone subscribers in BiH is around 3.3 million. In BiH, according to the 2013 census, there are about 3.5 million people, which means that almost everyone owns a mobile phone.

Recent research has shown that some households in BiH have five or more mobile phones, along with a fixed telephone.

The mobile phone, or smartphone, has become a status symbol. Many people pay more than 500 BAM for the phone, and they only use a small part of its capabilities – phone, messaging, photography and social networks.


(Source: Faktor.ba)


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