60 Years since the Occurrence of a Great “Small“ Fico

June 29, 2015 8:30 AM


Fico, ficek or fica, the most popular car of the second half of the 20th century in Yugoslavia, the most sold and used car in B&H, and one of the foremost symbols of social development in that time, began with production exactly 60 years ago and stopped 30 years ago.

Although the first domestic “Fiat 600“ (Fico) was produced on 18th October 1955, and ceased production at the same date in 1985, impatience forced hundreds of its fans to give round (meaning unclear?)the anniversary at the regular annual gathering in Kragujevac, four months before its time.

Over three decades, the former weapons factory in Kragujevac “launched“ 923.487 Ficos in all nine models. But, together with the home country Italy, including Argentina, Austria and Spain, which also bought licenses as had Yugoslavia, three times more “Fiat 600s” were produced, as specified on forums. In that time, it was the third most sold car in Europe, after Volkswagen Beetle and Citroen 2CV.

Fico was a truly mass phenomenon and a way of life for millions of people, but historians point out that actually its whole life came about by a double fate. The purchase of a license from the Italian Fiat was the first commercial contract between a Western company and a Socialist country post-World War II. Thus, Fico was a result of the combination of advanced Italian technology and Yugoslavian self-management production, a disparity which may never have been overcome, as was emphasized by a historian Marko Miljkovic in a Croatian scientific magazine, National art.

Fico had a low-power engine, and used little fuel. It had a most favorable price and was easy to maintain. Space in the cabin was cramped and those on the back seat had to scrunch, have a bag in the lap due to a small trunk and almost always struggle with the noise.

Although almost never did everything function in it, it remained in memory as one who never betrayed. It was used by numerous services such as ambulance, police, army and others. Many had a direct driving experience with it as their first car or through a driving school.

(Source: ekapija.ba)



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