The 54th Edition of MESS Opened with Plays in Zenica and Sarajevo

predstavama-u-sarajevu-i-zenici-otvoreno-54-izdanje-messa_1412368021The 54th International Theatre Festival MESS was open yesterday evening with two plays. One is “Front” directed by Luka Perceval and performed by the Thalia Theatre from Germany at the National theatre in Sarajevo while the other one “The Balkan requiem” , a play by Almir Bašović and Almir Imširević and directed by Stevan Bodroža was performed at the Bosnian national theatre in Zenica.

The main theme of this year’s MESS is “Future of the past”. The audience in Sarajevo, Zenica, Visoko and Goražde will have the chance to see 25 shows from 18 countries.

One of the most appreciated European play writers, Biljana Srbljanović, addressed at the opening ceremony the guests and the audience and pointed out that it’s been years and years now since she is following the work and growth of this world famous festival.

She also said that the Festival owes it to its educated and open audience which is far from being artificial in any sense. The MESS audience is, as she said, a real festival audience. She added that she always writes about people because she knows them most which also makes her be afraid of them the most.

“But you see, it’s easy to be brave if you have nothing to fear. Making art theatre in these times demands the courage of a madman. It is exactly the courage of this festival that makes me feel honoured to be here. Sarajevo, brave city, I pronounce the 54th MESS open” – with these words Biljana Srbljanović opened this year’s greatest theatre festival in the region.

The festival will last until October 12th and will offer numerous plays examining the future and the present but also recalling the beginning of the World War I.

(Source: Oslobođenje)


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