46th International Plum and Agriculture Fair opened in Gradacac

August 28, 2019 9:00 PM

The 46th International Plum and Agriculture Fair opened in Gradacac on Wednesday with some 310 exhibitors from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the region and the EU present.

Director of “Gradacacki Fair” d.o.o. Gradacac Hashim Sabanovic points out that everyone who is in the city until August 31, until the fair runs, except in this specialized economic event, will enjoy a variety of cultural contents as well.

Sabanovic pointed out that the most important fair event, hence the jobs that are concluded that are worth hundreds of thousands of euros.

“At the fair, visitors will be able to see presentations of the latest products and services in the field of production and processing of food and beverages, agricultural machinery and protective equipment. Chambers of crafts, agricultural cooperatives, tourist boards, local entrepreneurs and companies from Tuzla, Sarajevo and Posavina cantons, as well as the City of Zagreb, which is a partner of this year’s Plum Fair, will be presented,” said Sabanovic for Federal News Agency.

Denial Tulumovic, the prime minister of Tuzla Canton, said that this event is an opportunity for everyone to talk about the state of agriculture and its development and that the fair encourages economic development and the birth of new businesses.

Among those present were Stjepan Mesic, the former President of the Republic of Croatia, who says he often goes to Gradacac, but above all to the “Plum Fair”.

“I’m glad to see greater successes and obviously those who were establishers of the first fair were right that the fair would be more durable than it was previously thought. Some people thought it would be fair for one occasion, however, today it can be seen that it has been accepted by all those exhibiting at this fair,” said Mesic.


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