400 Ballots for both the mayor and the municipal Assembly marked in Advance

The Coalition for Free and Fair Elections “Under the Magnifying Glass” (Pod lupom) was observing re-elections at one polling station in Novi Grad (Republika Srpska entity). This is polling station 007B040 (Suhaca).

The Central Electoral Commission of BiH annulled the elections at that polling station, due to problems and interruptions of voting on election day, November 15, and established irregularities in the work of the polling station committee.

An observer of the Coalition “Pod lupom” reported that during the determination of the number of received ballots at that polling station, almost 400 ballots for both the mayor and the municipal assembly were marked in advance. The Municipal Election Commission, the Central Election Commission and the competent police administration were notified, and a report was made on the observation.

The coalition emphasizes that “it sounds almost unbelievable that at the only polling station where revoting takes place, today in BiH, and to which significant attention of the public, political entities and observers is focused, someone dared to enter hundreds of already marked ballots, thus planning vote theft. “

‘Pod lupom’ Coalition alerts the election administration, especially at the local level, that it must not be complicit in election irregularities and try to mitigate or cover them up.

“Someone must be held accountable for the stated criminal offense, and the sanction must be proportional to the stated irregularity, and the participants and those who ordered it must be severely punished,” the Coalition believes.

The Coalition will demand a recount of votes from all polling stations in the municipality of Novi Grad (RS) due to previously noticed irregularities committed by the Municipal Election Commission of Novi Grad and polling boards in the regular local elections, held on November 15 this year.

The polling station is open for voting at around 08.15, and according to the information available to the Coalition, after determining the results from the polling board, all election material will be sent directly to the Main Counting Center in Sarajevo.

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