27 New Cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Canton Sarajevo

The Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo (KCUS) tested 180 samples for coronavirus last night. As confirmed by KCUS, 27 new positives for COVID-19 were recorded in Sarajevo Canton.

At KCUS, there are 91 COVID positive patients in hospital, 10 in intensive care, and one person has unfortunately passed away, Radio Sarajevo writes.

There are 37 patients at Podhrastovi, and 10 patients in intensive care.

188 samples were tested for the presence of coronavirus at KCUS until 6 pm yesterday.

From this health institution, they confirmed that 46 samples were positive for the presence of coronavirus. Among the 46 COVID-positives from Sarajevo, 35, and from the Una-Sana Canton 11.

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