2,500 Workers as Surplus in Coal Mines in Bosnia-Herzegovina


The administrations of all seven coal mines operating within the Electric Power Company of Bosnia-Herzegovina, completed a few days ago a plan to reorganize their operations, which was one of the conditions of the Government of the Federation in order to get a realistic picture of the situation in this sector.

Elektroprivreda BiH, which hired experts to look at the true picture of the situation in the mines, found that 8,200 workers were employed in seven mines, cording to Avaz news portal.

However, the restructuring plan, supported by the Federal Government, implies that nearly 6,000 miners will remain employed in the Concern and almost 4,000 in the second, last round.

This means that, according to the restructuring plan currently in place, there are almost 2,500 workers who are redundant.  This is a clear indication that the number of unnecessary workers has been piling up. It is mostly about workers in the administration, but also about the miners.

However, the plan that has been prepared has not yet been considered by the Elektroprivreda BiH Management Board and the Supervisory Board.

The reason is that a new Supervisory Board has not yet been confirmed. Only after the appointment of the Supervisory Board, will the plan be discussed, which must also be forwarded to the Ministry of Energy for review.



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