250 kg Airplane Bomb from WWII removed and destroyed in Bihac

Members of the Federal Civil Protection Administration removed a 250 kg airplane bomb from the World War II this morning in BiH, after which they destroyed it.

The activity of dislocation of the bomb started this morning at 5 AM and before that, residents of settlement Ceravci in Bihac, who live in the radius of 100-meters from the bomb site, left their homes and moved to a safe location and on a safe distance.

According to Sead Vrana, the head of the Department for Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) in the Federal Civil Protection Administration (FUCZ), it was planned to take and move the bomb from the site before the morning crowds.

The devastating airplane bomb SD250 from Germany was found on December 18, during the construction works at a depth of one meter in the settlement Ceravci, just one kilometer away from the center of Bihac. The bomb is weighing 250 kilograms, with 79 kilograms of pure explosive.

The bomb was destroyed at 9 AM at the polygon Grabez, and before that, the bomb was placed in a pit on the polygon, and the security guard was set in a radius of 1,000 meters from the destruction site.

(Source: M. C./Klix.ba)

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