24 kilometers of Speed Road to go through Lasva Valley?

March 31, 2016 1:45 PM

BiH highwayPU Highways of FBiH, the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Government of the FBiH are starting the procedure which should result in the construction of modern speed road Lasva – Nevic Polje, which is normally part of the new expanded European network of speed roads, the so called Route 2A Okucani (HR) – Banja Luka – Jajce – Travnik – Lasva, and as a very frequent traffic route, it is an excellent opportunity for the allocation of the first concessions in the field of construction of roads at the level of FBiH. Besides the conclusion of the Government that shows a commitment to the project of speed road Lasva – Nevic Polje, certain preparatory activities have already been completed. The main project has been prepared and revised in May 2013.

The above mentioned section with facilities and infrastructure is divided into three sub-sections, Lasva – Kaonik that is 5.356 kilometers long, Kaonik – Vitez that is 8.175 kilometers long and Vitez – Nevic field that is 10.854 kilometers long, which makes total of 24.385 kilometers of speed roads. Speed road Lasva – Nevic Polje is quite challenging because it needs 4 loops, 18 bridges, 3 tunnels, 4 payment centers and a rest area.

Estimated value of the project amounts to 217 million EUR. In order for the concession project of that section to be approved, it is necessary to make the study of economic justifiability and after its approval, to create tender documents.

PU Highways of FBiH submitted the request for urban permit for the construction of the speed road Lasva – Nevic Polje, but the process of issuance of the Ministry of Physical Planning was stopped until the end of process of harmonization of the spatial plan of Central Bosnia Canton with the draft of spatial plan of the FBiH. The route of the projected section of the road is fully harmonized with the requirements of the local communities, the draft of spatial plan of FBiH and the first draft of spatial plan with specific characteristics of importance for the FBiH “Corridor 5C Highway”, but it is not in agreement with the spatial plan of the CBC.

The presentation of the project of construction of the speed road Lasva – Nevic Polje to potential investors and publication of a public call for expressions of interest will follow after getting the “green light” from the Government of FBiH. Then, an external consultant will be engaged to prepare study of economic justifiability, propose concession model and prepare documents.

(Source: akta.ba)

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