World of Wanderlust: 23-Year-Old Girl delighted with BiH

May 15, 2015 7:00 AM

Autralian girl BiHMany of us dream about the permanent holiday in foreign countries, and Australian Brooke Saward is one of those who live that dream.

Since January last year, this 23-year-old girl constantly travels. She managed to make a profitable business by traveling the world.

When she graduated last year, she bought a one-way ticket for London. After that, he hasn’t looked back and visited almost 50 countries at six continents, mostly alone.

She posts photos from her journeys on Instagram, and she also writes a blog World of Wanderlust that has 950.000 visits monthly.

She is funding a half of her journey, while the other half is ensured by tourist communities, hotels and companies that invite her with the request to write about them on her blog and social media.

She started a journey with some savings, but she soon realized that she is out of the money, so she started to sell the advertising space on the blog, and she’s doing great.

Brooke visited Bosnia and Herzegovina as well in the last year and she was delighted. She ranked our country at the first place of the Top destinations for visit in this year.



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