23 sad Years have passed since the Crime on Koricanske Stijene

Koricanske Stijene Anniversary faktor.baThe Association of Camp Prisoners of B&H and the Regional Association of Camp Prisoners Banja Luka are marking today the 23rd anniversary of the terrible crime against camp prisoners at the site of Koricanske Stijene, Vlasic Mountain, in the Municipality Knezevo – Skender Vakuf.

On August 21st 1992, at least 200 men, camp prisoners who were previously captured in Prijedor detention camps, were executed on Koricanske stijene.

Twelve persons survived the massacre on Koricanske stijene, and their testimonies contributed to the prosecution and conviction of a part of those responsible. These testimonies also contributed to the recording of the truth about this crime.

All victims of this crime have not been found yet. It is still being searched for 80 percent of the skeletal remains, since something more than 100 camp prisoners were identified only on the basis of one bone or teeth, while the remaining prisoners have not been found at all.

In memory of the brutally killed camp inmates, 200 roses will be thrown from the edge of the cliff, and a hajr (blessed) fountain with the memorial plaque will be revealed at the locality of Vitovlje, after the official program ends, it was announced from the Association of Camp Prisoners of B&H.

(Source: klix.ba/ photo faktor)

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