22nd Anniversary of Crimes Committed in Foča Marked

foca crimesIn memory of the victims of crimes committed in Foča, members of Association “Women – Victims of War”  put flowers and said Al-Fatiha prayer in Foča in front of infamous camps – Sports Hall “Partisan” Foča and KPD Foča and marked 22nd anniversary of war crime committed against Bosniaks in Foča.

”Association ‘Women-Victims of War’ and other non-governmental organizations will visited the murder sites and the biggest camps like ‘Partisan’, where mass and systemic rape of Bosniak girls and women was committed and camp KPD Foča”, President of the Association Bakira Hasečić said to FENA.

She emphasized they used the opportunity to call the international community and judiciary of BiH again to finally start implementing the strategy of processing war criminals, because victims and witnesses are dying daily.

Hasečić underlined that what happened in Foča is systemic rape against Bosniak women and girls.

”Not to mention the Karaman’s house where girls were detained for several years, some even released while pregnant, many terminated pregnancy so they would not give birth to a child they conceived while they were raped”, said Hasečić.

So far Hague Tribunal convicted Dragoljub Kunarac to 27 years in prison, Radomir Kovač to 20, Dragan Zelenović to 15 and Zoran Vuković to 12 years in prison for crimes committed in Foča.

Court of BiH convicted Gojko Janković to 34 years in prison, Neđo Samardžić to 24, Radovan Stanković toa 20, Savo Todović to 12, Miodrag Nikačević to 10, Novica Tripković to 8 and Mitar Rašević to 7 years in prison.

Ranko Stevanović was sentenced to 14 years before the District Court in Trebinje.

Hasečić warned there have not been arrests in the last few years in Foča, where atrocious war crimes were committed.

”We want to send a message and ask the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH – when will they finally start applying the protocol they signed with the Prosecutor’s Office of Serbia to extradite war criminals? Our message is that the Prosecutor’s Office should finally start implementing strategy of processing war criminals in area of BiH, especially Foča”, underlined Hasečić.

Crime of mass and systemic rape of girls and women was committed in period 1992-1995 in camp “Partisan”, and their families were taken to KPD Foča, and some still have not been traced.

According to the data base of the Association “Women-Victims of War”, 585 women were killed in Foča and that is not the final number, the Association said.


(Source: Fena/ photo Oslobodjenje)

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