220 Residential Buildings flooded in Tesanj after the Storm

After the storm that hit Tesanj Municipality on Friday evening, 220 residential buildings were flooded and 20 landslides started.

“I hope that today and tomorrow we will rehabilitate the priority cases,” Mayor of Tesanj Suad Huskic told Fena News Agency.

Currently, the Civil Protection works on the disinfection of facilities at certain sites and on flushing wells where they exist.

Huskic pointed out that the Center for Social Work was also hired to provide basic insight into the social needs of residents affected by these floods.

“In addition to the damage to residential buildings, according to the data so far, we have 30 entities in which water caused some damage, and there are business entities whose damages were estimated at half a million BAM,” Huskic said.

He said that 220 homes were completely or partially unsuitable for life.

“In some cases, the water was up to one meter high, so it destroyed houses and these people were left without everything,” said Huskic.

He pointed out that they had been distributing moisture dryers to the citizens who needed help.

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