The 200-year-old Oak Tree in Eastern Bosnia defies People and Time

February 11, 2018 9:00 AM

In the private forest of the Kanlic family in the village Kostenik (the Municipality of Novo Gorazde), you can find a really old oak tree, still standing upright among much younger oaks.

It is interesting to note that the girth of this extremely tall tree is around six meters, and under the load of large branches, the trunk started bending towards the ground.

“People from here know it, but no one ever thought to promote it. It is placed in a private forest, and that is probably the reason why it survived all these years. When you ask the older people from Kopaci, they will tell you that they know this tree for as long as they know themselves. And it is like that from generation to generation. No one can say how old this tree exactly is, but it is certainly more than 200 years old. An interesting fact is that oak is a very sensitive type of trees, but here it is, defying everything for so many years,” said Mehmed Bajrovic, one of the locals.

It is very unusual that this old tree “survived” tens and hundreds of years by defying the weather conditions, as well as the people.

This specific type of oak is up to 40 meters tall and it usually can be found on hills and in mountain forests. Unlike other types of oak, this one usually grows in mountainous areas, because it does not like the floods. Its leaves are elongated and it differs from other oaks.

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